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A thought a day….Nantastic food

11 Mar

Last night I had the joy of dining with my good friend Hannah, of Evening Echo and Hanskitchen fame! She had a taste test to complete, and as a lover of food I felt it was my duty to step up to the challenge!

After getting lost in the Garrison and driving up a couple of wrong roads we went to the Angel Inn in Shoeburyness, a quaint little inn on the outside with thatched roof and dog bowls in the beer garden. It was a place that I had driven past many a time when I was little on the way to the beach, I always liked the picture of an angel hanging on the inn sign and the thatched roof always reminded me of Snow White so I was quite excited to be going there. Inside it was just a cosy as the outside suggested it would be. Before Hannah and I had ordered we practically fell asleep in the comfiest cushioned dining chairs I had ever sat on! Luckily we made it through our meals without a nap, despite being nearly comatose before we left at the sheer amount of cream that had been used in both of our meals. 

I do not make the cream remark in an act of disgust, today we are told to shun all things creamy and on the whole I do try to. Moreover I admit that to have a three course meal at any other restaurant with that much cream would be too much but here there was something nostalgic about it…it was like being at your nan’s house!

And so the food as Hannah and I duly named it was “nantastic”. When I first became pescetarian (I realise how poncey that sounds) I went round to my nanna’s for dinner. She fretted over what to cook as though she had never seen a fish in her life, and so brought out her 1970’s Marks and Spencers cookbooks to compensate. She served Haddock with mustard sauce and a tonne of vegetables. It was delicious I admit, but as I browsed through the catalogues I noticed that many of the recipes included that one ingredient, cream, to saturate the flavoursome spices that we all seem to search for now. It was like people were scared of anything if it didn’t have cream! 

But I would say this wouldn’t put me off going to the angel inn again, it was so homely and charming that I cannot wait to go down there later in the summer with my dogs and sit in the beer garden with some pimms in my hand!