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Pin-curling and doggy sitting

4 Mar

This week has been one of quiet reflection and solitude. There have been some revelations that have appeared which have made me question what I have been doing for the last year and what is to come in the following. I don’t mean this in a pessimistic way, on the contrary I’m quite excited about it and I hope in the coming months I will be able to share some of these experiences with you!

But first let us reflect over the past week.

I have come accustomed to people telling me I look tired. It seems to happen quite regularly at the coffee shop, which is perhaps ironic when surrounded by so much caffeine! Now I don’t take it as a compliment, I would be stupid to because it isn’t a compliment, but I must say that I am bemused by it because I get a good nights’ sleep every night, I drink water and do all of those things a girl should to keep her looking as fresh as a daisy! But to those loyal enough to come and see me at work on a regular basis have a habit of telling me that I look half asleep. I suppose this is a bit of a warning for people to stop telling me I look tired. It’s my face, I can’t help it! But also leads me on to that when I am not being told that I look half dead, receiving compliments is always lovely! This week it was the turn of my orange trousers!

Every year I choose a theme which denotes how I will dress for that year. None of them are radically different but they are themes nonetheless, last year my theme was Funny Face.

Oh Audrey, how wonderful you are! This was mixed with a little bit of

An American in Paris

These themes then lead to me searching high and low to replicate key looks from the films, to the point where I actually bought a skirt that replicated the one Ms. Caron is wearing in the image above. The orange trousers came from an amalgamation of the two films. I bought it with a bright blue striped capped sleeve t-shirt, the result was that I ended up looking like a cartoon character, but oh how I love that look!

Over winter these brights were put away for fear that they may induce sun stroke in those who insist on wearing only grey and black throughout the winter months, but because of the glorious weather this week I decided to bring them out again in full force. I am glad I did for over the two days that I did wear them this week, it seemed to make people smile. Not because they were laughing at me but because they were happy to see some colour.

Though I must admit they caused some undue attention on wednesday in Spitalfields Market. On my way to work buzzing from the kind words of the two ladies in Taylor St Baristas, along New St I spotted a man dressed in full grooms attire waiting for his one true love to appear. I stopped, I realised that it was the 29th of February when women are supposed to propose to the men folk (I had appeased Sully with some Haribo, which he is now rationing after having a tummy ache from eating too many through excitement!) I decided to take a photo of this happening because it was might strange. But as I did the journalist who had spotted me coming from a mile off because of my tangoed trousers came at me with a camera. It was pretty embarrassing, more so for him when he realised I wasn’t going to propose, and by that time I had run away. Safe in the confines of my office I googled away to see what this stunt was for and came across @andrew29th. A gentleman looking for love on the 29th of february, guaranteeing a surprise for one lucky lady at the end of the night…I hope he found someone! But in hindsight I should have gone and complimented him on his bravery for women are a cruel bunch! So @andrew29th please accept my compliments! I hope you endue a love as perfect as any Richard Curtis movie could predict!

And so I am brought to the end of my week. The best part for I had the luck of doggy sitting Lola, the beautiful Cavalier puppy of my good friend Hannah. She arrived at my house at 6pm last night with a bow in her hair and smelling of a heaven full of freshly talced babies! It was divine. She then cuddled me the whole evening as we watched a pre-pubescent DiCaprio take on Romeo whilst Sully chatted the whole way through!

But it was bed time that was the most fun, for as soon as the lights were dimmed she was up on the bed and insistent of playing a night long game of Twister! Never has a dog been so fidgety but cute at the same time. I woke up with her on my head! And when I came back after breakfast I found her like this!

A truly comfortable dog by all accounts!

And so to now, where I a pincurling my hair for tonights performance at the Little Jazz Club at The Mayflower. I promise to write more about it tomorrow, but do please tell me off if I am not the epitome of confidence and charm as I sing this evening!