A thought a day….Marmalade

27 Mar

It’s something that I have always wished I liked. I am envious of how tasty it looks, the brightest of orange with little golden strands of zest. It should be like having summer in your mouth, it should dance on your tongue like a thousand little fairies around a toadstool. I mean it’s Paddington Bear’s favourite food!

Instead it is the devils food. So vile do I find it I truly cannot understand how anyone can like it. Part of me feels that there is some sort of conspiracy going on.

My reasoning for this post is that today my mum brought home a little pot of home made marmalade which had been crafted lovingly by the hands of my nanna’s friend. This only adds to the guilt I feel for not liking it because it was made with the best of intentions, like any home-cooking.

I am a horrid person!



One Response to “A thought a day….Marmalade”

  1. hasanyoneseenlynn March 27, 2012 at 8:13 pm #

    Completely agree. However, have you tried Rose’s Lime flavour? It’s the acceptable face of marmalade.

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