A thought a day…How to deal with celebrity spotting

21 Mar

Having had a few days away from the blog I can now say that I am cold free, with a spring in my step and a sunny disposition!

I promised that I would talk a little more about the events of Friday night in my last blog, and reading back through it I appeared to have left out what was perhaps the most exciting and unexpected part of the evening itself…the celebrity spot!

Each time I go to London, regardless of what I do be it for work, something cultural or a simple jaunt I will always come home to the same question. “So…who did you see?” It is then that I will begin to explain my day only to be interrupted with “No…who did you see that was famous?” Let’s get one thing straight I am by no means a celebrity magnet. I do not walk down the street and have a flock of well-known people suddenly appear behind me like that U2 video. However, I have like many others had quite a few excellent celeb spots in my time here, and Friday was somewhat the pinnacle of this when stood behind me in the queue for Singin’ in The Rain was the one and only Valentino! In the following moments I managed to witness a whole host of ways in which people deal with spotting celebrities.

Now, it was not I who was the first person to spot him it was my good friend and hairdresser Chad, who turned to my sister and said,

“Yves Saint Laurent is behind us!” to which my sister replied resolutely “Can’t be, he’s dead” followed rather cooly by “that’s Valentino.”

Andy, my other good friend and hairdresser* then got a bit flustered with excitement, started hyperventilating until he regained himself cooly turned around and shook his hand saying “Alright, Mate!”….to Valentino!

He then turned around giddy with emotion and started repeating over and over, telling everyone “I JUST SHOOK HANDS WITH BLOODY VALENTINO!” to the point where two women waiting to get in asked if he was high. Probably because along with this he kept proclaiming “I’m just so happy!”

In the meantime my mum had not cottoned on to what was happening, but as soon as she saw Andy get excited she to got a little worked up and in her ever so subtle manner started a slightly high pitched “WHO…WHO…WHO IS IT?” Which doesn’t really help someone trying to remain conspicuous in a public place. On a side note my mum once met the comedian Stephen K Amos on a street because she walked up to him thinking she knew him personally from somewhere. She was asking him how he was, and how his day was going only to then realise she didn’t know him but had seen him on GMTV that morning talking about his latest tour.

Back to the Valentino spot though, we had now made our way into the foyer and Valentino was waiting to get in. It was then my dad’s turn to contribute, he was clueless and asked if he was a designer at Debenhams and did he know John Rocha. Now the Steward must have been of this same group of thinking as my dad because when Valentino arrived at the door sans ticket he was promptly turned away with “No ticket…No getting in” and a little dejected Valentino slipped away.

But that was not the last of him that evening, in the second act he returned like the Phantom of the Opera.

Jolly from our gin and tonics and vodka and sodas  consumed during the interval we went back to our seats and BAM there he was above us in a box. I guess it was a close to an 18th Century theatre experience I was ever going to get when a celebrity came in. I tried to take a photo but his tan was so deep he disappeared when ever I took a frame! Spooky!

Sat there with he partner, Tamara Beckworth and her husband he seemed to really enjoy the second act. I couldn’t help but glance at him on a occasion to see what he was up to, and then the most wonderful thing happened I looked up to find him singing! One of the godfathers of fashion SINGING and CLAPPING along to Singin’ in the Rain! It was wonderful!

Never have I seen a man with so many facelifts look so elated!

So…here’s to celebrity spotting and all of the joy it provides us humble citizens of the world!

*Please note I’m not that much of a princess that I have two people work on my hair at the same time. Klute of Leigh-on-Sea is the most laid back and entertaining hairdressers I have ever known, so I don’t know who I’m going to get until I turn up…and even then it’s subject to change half way through!



2 Responses to “A thought a day…How to deal with celebrity spotting”

  1. hasanyoneseenlynn March 21, 2012 at 10:32 am #

    Loved this line – “Never have I seen a man with so many facelifts look so elated!”

    I’m afraid that I wouldn’t know Valentino if I fell over him. And I have one of his coats! (albeit from his Gap range…)

  2. Gill Adams March 21, 2012 at 1:08 pm #

    Had the whole office giggling Elisa…..loved it! 🙂

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