A thought a day…Singin’ in the Rain

18 Mar

Today I dedicate my post to the new production of Singin’ in the Rain, currently being performed at the Palace Theatre London.

Unintentionally I took a week off  blogging this week, I must be careful not to do it again so that I don’t completely forget about doing it at some point! However, I suppose a few exciting things have happened this week and as such I haven’t had that much time to blog about it!

On Monday I made a decision, which could lead me to finally engaging some focus for this blog. I have decided that I am going to make more of singing.  I feel I may in due course be apologising to a lot of people for after i have induced headaches in the South East area, but for now that is what I am going to do. My reasoning for this decision came after a lovely chat with a new friend Monday evening, it wasn’t all Ethel Merman in Gypsy as you may imagine. It was more a gentle easing in, which is what I needed but afterwards I really felt I could at least give it a shot…And then I got a sore throat…which I am not taking as an omen!

But to Friday and the event of the year thus far!

I realise that I may say this many a time over the course of this blog but. If there is one thing you go and see, please make it Singin in the Rain! Even though I had read a few of the glowing reviews of the musical before I went I must admit I was still dubious. It is an iconic film which not only for the fact that it rains and Gene Kelly dances with a cold has many other scenes which are in my head owned completely by those who performed them. Donald O’Conner and Make ‘Em Laugh! Who else could sing or perform that in the way that he can? NO ONE! And I must admit that a small part of me felt that it should have never of been touched.

Then it started and I was transported back to a musical that has been a love of mine since I first watched it. The actors in those beloved roles whilst at times encapsulating that famous trio brought a new freshness and vitality to the show. AND IT RAINED! ON STAGE AND EVERYONE GOT WET!

So please if you do one thing book this show!!!

I realise this is short but I have a cold coming on! So I will blog again soon!


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