A thought a day….Music and Pet loving

28 Feb

Thinking about it I realise that once again my blog has taken a meandering route with no particular focus coming into sight. I hope that I will be able to rectify this soon, but I suspect that what this really shows is my absolute inability to make a decision about anything, particularly my own creativity. So please stick with me about this.

In the mean time I will give you my thought(s) for today.

I love music. Over the last year I realised that to be honest I have a tendency to lean more towards listening to classical FM than I do uber-hip playlists. To me Skrillex sounds like a super villain from the plant Zarpfof, and I do not wish to think of them otherwise. It is not that I am a music snob, at least I don’t think I am because I really do love music and I’m willing to give anything a go but I just can’t handle most things. Customers will often come into my place of work to find me staring into the middle distance not in a coffee induced haze but because I am listening to something from after 1995. However, once again I must clarify that my music taste between the 1970’s and 1995 does not consist of the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Cure and Siouxsie and The Banshees. Although I have come to love these bands. No, I can unashamedly say that it consists of Baccara, Rick Astley, Barbra Streisand, Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue (who will be my sister and best friend soon, she just doesn’t know it yet). This was confirmed by my previous post where I admitted to my knowledge of all the lyrics to Craig David’s ‘7 days’ but was further confirmed today on my way to a meeting. Where in the midst of all the modern music I had on my ipod I came across one of my favourite ever songs and I believe the finest songs ever written….The Main Event by Barbra Streisand.

I think I could pull off that bubble perm and I am determined to have this played at my wedding. Saying that has probably diminished my chances of successful matrimony forever…But you’re going to have to take me or leave me on that one.

So perhaps music critic isn’t the route on which this blog should take. Unless you all want to hear about Kylie Minogue’s back catalogue.

The other thought that I was having today is why I find putting inanimate objects on my cat. Now looking into this I have seen many a blog where this is there sole focus. For example…

Food on my dog

This really is only the tip of the iceberg but it made me think that I often find myself, somewhat unconsciously, placing objects on my cat for entertainment. Perhaps its my way of getting him back for all the times he has mistaken my feet for mice or small voles under my duvet in the middle of the night. Or perhaps he just looks too darned cute when close to being smothered underneath a pile of meccano, pens and letters. Today it was the turn of the humble sock. He was asleep and looked far too comfortable so I saw my opportunity and seized it. The result is below

Personally I think it has transformed him into a judge of sorts, which is something to add to his repertoire of ‘ickle pickle’ and down-right tart.

Again this won’t be the focus but at times may be a digression.

Before I get back to my tuesday night viewing schedule I have one last thing to add…How disgusting is the new KFC advert? I have seen it twice in a matter of minutes and its vile. Probably the vegetarian speaking but seriously just because I am a woman does not mean that I want to be condescended to and have my food only grilled!

Back to the grindstone I go!



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