A thought a day…..Basildon

22 Feb

Basildon….it seems to be the butt of all jokes in English geography. Synonymous with the “Vicky Pollards” of society. It’s a town that I live relatively close to and often visit to go to the multiplex cinema because Southend’s cinema has an apparent to refusal to show anything that doesn’t include Adam Sandler and at least one inappropriate joke about the lower appendages of the human anatomy.

There you go I’ve joined the mass of individuals who joke about it as well. But I assure you there is still a part of me that has hope for the town. I’m not completely down about it and I hope that it will see a change around soon. Perhaps David Eldridge is hoping this as well seeing as he has made “Bas-vegas” the location for his newest playIn Basildon.

Anyway I’m going to see it tonight so I’ll report back on it tomorrow.



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