The Sunday/Monday post with Sushi and Johnny Ball

20 Feb

So my initial plan to produce a post from my magicians’ hat every Sunday has gone somewhat awry. However, rest assured it is because I am panicking about what I am going to write and in what format. Prepare to be dazzled!

So I never did get around to talking about The Red Shoes, which officially owned Casablanca last Tuesday! I hadn’t seen the film since I was about 8 years old and so I was very aware that I was going to be experiencing a very different film from the one I fell in love 15 years ago. What was so wonderful about watching te film anew was that I was now aware of the absolute legends of dance and film that Powell and Pressburger used for the film. Most notably Leonide Massine, a dancer whose work I have studied closely over the last year, as my dissertation and writing focused upon the work of Vaslav Nijinsky and The Ballet Russes, of whom Massine was a member. Here is a picture of Massine with Matisse. Rather dashing isn’t he?

The ballet sequence of the film is truly magical and a must see for anyone who loves either medium. It is a complete homage to the beauty of both dance and cinematography and being able to witness Massine dance was such an uplifting and emotional experience for me personally. Sully seemed a little overawed by it too.

Later on in the week, not satisfied with one session of nostalgia Hannah, Sully and myself went to see the much hyped The Artist. Of course its not technically a nostalgia fest because its a new film and of course none of us were born in the 1920s. But I have a feeling that like most who have seen it are of the same conviction that they wished they had been born then. I’m not going to say my favourite parts of the film because there are so many and no one likes a spoiler. So all I will do is urge you to see it, preferably with a dog and some tap shoes because you will have the urge to own both after you see it! Also get a taxi to the cinema, for so in love with the film will you fall you will need to have a stiff drink afterwards! Mine consisted of a cocktail of a lot of port and not much else. It was truly delicious!

Coming to saturday I come to the piece de resistence of my week because it involved good company, sushi and prosecco. After work, armed with some tofu and a pepper I made my way to Hannah’s house picking up Serena en route (who was equipped with some shelled prawns and a tuna steak) to begin our evening of becoming sushi experts. I must say that from our efforts, if all goes to pot we could at least be managers of a Yo Sushi outlet. Yes, the future looks bright for us!

Although, as any Yo Sushi aficionado knows the only accompaniment to sushi is a gin/prosecco based cocktail. But little did we know that our bottle of prosecco would be a tough cookie to get into. We tried all manner of ways to break in…pulling and twisting, shouting at it, at one point I think there were tears. I even silently considered using my teeth, but realised pretty swiftly that that would involve a hospital visit sans teeth, and teeth are useful. Eventually we decided that outside forces wiuld have to be used and so Serena and I went next door to administer the efforts of Hannah’s neighbours.*

I assure you i’m not a complete nosey parker but Hannah’s neighbours have a lovely house, which I think holds magical powers. For as the gentleman took the bottle away into a different room, I heard no pop of cork, and so I can only imagine that the man looked at the bottle sternly and it obeyed his wishes.

Anyway, off we trotted back into the warmth and congratulated ourselves and below are the results of our efforts!

The beautiful Sushi

The Beautiful Ladies

I call this the "Lonely desperate single woman on holiday" look

And now briefly to Sunday, where once again I come to the Jazz Club at the Mayflower. This week we were once again treated to the beautiful musical stylings of Two for Tea. Honestly they’re fantastic and a real treat to listen to every saturday night,  Hannah and I agreed they are truly inspirational! After this we were lucky to see the legendary Digby Fairweather play his his trio We Three. I was perplexed by Fairweather for although he played the cornet fantastically he reminded me of someone and I could not stop racking my brain for who it was, when like a lightning flash it came, JOHNNY BALL! At any moment I though he was going to set me a mathematics equation, thus proving my inability with numbers to a large group of people! Luckily I was spared, and instead we were all given an absolutely splendiforous surprise when Hannah got up to sing TWICE! It was beautiful and was made even more wonderful by the presence of her super swish Ma, who is on a trip here from Kenya. Look at her in all of her glory! Well done lovely!

Have a wonderful week!

*At that present moment Hannah was suddenly predisposed to the rice. It had reached a critical moment of ricing and needed to be watched like a hawk! This obviously paid off as it was the loveliest sushi rice I had eaten. Although I have a feeling that this was pure coincidence with the fact that Hannah wished not to make a tit of herself in front of someone she has to see on a daily basis.


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  1. Let Us Work February 21, 2012 at 9:47 am #

    I especially love the last picture! It looks like it could have been taken in the 50’s.

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