A thought a day…Raw chocolate pies and meeting the tweets

18 Feb

I have just had a revelatory experience in the form of a raw chocolate pie. Which I admit sounds a little disgusting but believe me it was the complete antithesis!

Made from cacao nibs it assured me it was sugar free, dairy free an guilt free. Of course I can never eat a cake without it being completely guilt free but I’m pretty sure if I work at it I can get over this defect! In my excitement I lost the wrapper, I’m pretty sure I didn’t eat it but who knows! Anyway I’ll find a picture and you can go a searching!

I also had the pleasure of meeting someone new today. Now meeting people from the Internet is not something I’m sure I condone until Richard Curtis makes a frothy film about such an escapade. I realise ‘u’ve got mail!’ is of the same ether but I’ve never trusted Meg Ryan and so I am still in waiting!

Anyway, this morning a lovely chap by the name of James popped into my place of work. Serendipitously we follow one another via the macrocosm of twitter and live relatively near to one another, so he popped in to say hello and that he liked my blog. So one thing I suggest to all of you is to say hello to someone you follow. It’s always lovely to put a face to the tweet so take the plunge a do it within a sphere that won’t land to with a restraining order!


The pie in all of it’s glory!


2 Responses to “A thought a day…Raw chocolate pies and meeting the tweets”

  1. RosMadeMe February 18, 2012 at 2:05 pm #

    I blame you for the fact that I have just put the Goji berry and pumpkin seed choc in my fridge… and tat I had to endure a number of samples from Richard in Greens, it was a tough job but I was up to it. I think the word should be spread 🙂

    • sleepingonmybooks February 18, 2012 at 6:52 pm #

      HA! Don’t blame me, blame Bette…All her fault. The pies are as virtuous as Barbra!

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