What happened yesterday?

15 Feb

And so the time has come to continue my story from yesterday. I realised that I had to dash because I had only left myself 45 minutes to get ready and get to the train station for my day o’ fun with Sully.

We had planned to go to london for a day of culture, which probably along the line somewhere would involve us having a rather lengthy pretentious conversation about a subject we didn’t really understand. This of course did happen, but we never actually made it to any of the galleries we planned to go to. Instead we just wandered about with our stomachs leading the way.

First of all we went to Beas of Bloomsbury at One New Change where I had some delicious banana bread. Honestly I don’t think you can go wrong with it, so much so I have made some this morning. Except mine has the addition of nuts, raisins and cinnamon, mmmmmmm. Sully had a ridiculously large cheese scone, but Sully truly does eat with his eyes and will take on any eating challenge heartily. I forgot to add yesterday that it was thanks to Sully’s culinary obsession that we won the pub quiz, thank goodness the quizmaster asked a question about curries and Birmingham otherwise we would have been screwed.

We hid out here for quite a while as we realised that soon hoards of children would descend on London, a bit like harpies fuelled on M&M’s, in search of some entertainment. This was proved when we did leave and got stuck behind a 150 strong group of the slowest moving girls I have ever encountered. Most of whom were dressed completely inappropriately for the weather. But that is another bug bear I will discuss another time.

From here we walked to Covent Garden and onto Monmouth Coffee for a sneaky flat white. Again another tasty addition to the day which appeased my need to start vomiting at the amount of lovey dovey couples about. I love Sully, I truly do but some of the sights yesterday were so nauseating I was tempted not to walk with him so I would not be included with those who had taken to extreme PDA’s all over London.

Getting frustrated with these moments we hid inside Foyles along Charing Cross Road. We were sure that there would not be anyone practically eating the face of their partner in there, and we were right. It was heaven. I will take this moment now to digress slightly and to express my love of bookshops. I know that there are many who share this love, but what I realised yesterday is in many ways the thing I love the most about bookshops is the silence. It’s lovely to be in a space with so many others and just to be in a state of contemplation, with only the sound of shuffling feet and books opening and closing for a backdrop. Wonderful, not a Chase and Status beat in earshot and that is a rare thing. Completely aware that we had not eaten for at least an hour Sully and I made our way to the bookshops’ cafe. What a lovely place it was! Next time I go to London I will be heading here for a cheap lunch and a bit of jazz! There were huge tubs of salad with stuffed vine leaves and pitta breads all for around £5, a welcome change to London’s usual extortionate prices! All homemade stews and cakes which looked delicious. So its a recommend from me for this one.

Luckily by the time we came out of here we only had an hour or so till lunch which was to be had at Kettner’s, one of London’s oldest eating establishments famous for being the place of Oscar Wilde’s arrest. I must say it was like stepping into a time machine, it really was wonderful and the food was amazing. I had the halloumi salad, because who doesn’t love squeaky cheese! Sully had the fishcakes. Now I admit that I am a diner who always chooses my dessert before my main, but I simply couldn’t here, and this was perhaps the fault of the waitress for sitting me next to the window that overlooked Maison Bertaux, the french patisseree. Throughout the meal, which was accompanied by a delicious cocktail of peach, absinthe, fennel and sparkling wine, I could not take my eyes off the delights across the road. It was a true eyes popping out of head moment, as I watched a constant stream of people enter and choose their freshly baked cream tarts and cakes from the window, aided by a stereotypically french lady in a polkadot dress and red scarf. I had to go, I couldn’t wait for another trip to London to try this place and so Sully and I left after one course and like undercover agents made our way across the road, collars up and all into the pattiseree.

It appeared that when we had got there the little french lady had gone out the back to continue with her baking. Instead we were served by a man who resembled the ‘glass man’ from Amelie, who came complete with a plate throwing act. I chose a little raspberry tart and Sully a chocolate truffle the size of his fist! We went upstairs and waited in anticipation.

Compared to the opulence of Kettners’, Bertaux’s was the opposite. It hadn’t been decorated since the 1940’s and came complete with tables that looked as though they could be used as indoor shelters should an air raid signal. The only thing modern about the place was all of the Noel Fielding art work that took over the walls. It was a most odd contrast, but only added to the charm.

From here we went to our main spot for the evening, the BFI where we were attending a screening of The Red Shoes. I think I will write about this further tomorrow but for now I will just say that Sully, thank goodness enjoyed it and that the BFI serves fantastic cocktails!



One Response to “What happened yesterday?”

  1. chocolategirl64 February 15, 2012 at 2:15 pm #

    cake {and food} fuelled London trips are the law I feel:
    time warp caffs are the best kept secret!
    can I come next time please?

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