Three daily thoughts and a jazzy doggy date

14 Feb

I realise that I haven’t posted any thoughts over the last few days. Contrary to popular belief I haven’t been in a brain dead haze, but saying this neither have I been extremely busy! However as such nothing has come out of my brain and fingers for a few days so here’s a bumper edition.

For Friday and Saturday there is nothing much to report so I will leave them be. The exciting stuff happened on Sunday when I had a “doggy date” with Lola, a lovely Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owned by my lovely friend Hannah Marsh. Now I have a dog called Millie, she’s a lab/collie cross or as we like to say, Colliador because it makes her sound spanish. She is a beautiful thing and very caring but also on the verge of being a nervous wreck twenty-four hours a day. She is beyond sensitive and if a bit of paper falls on the ground near her she will run away and won’t return until said paper is removed and dealt with responsibly! She loves other dogs and wouldn’t hurt a fly. All in all she’s pretty perfect!

However, as I said she’s pretty sensitive and so when a new dog comes into the house and Mum turned gushed over the 8 month old little ball of fluff I swear I saw tears fall from Millie’s big brown eyes! This caused Millie to bop Lola on the head a few times with her paw, but I think this was her trying to play. Millie likes rucking, she spends her days with a border terrier by the name of Archi(bald) and they are a motley pair to say the least. Lola, being small and rather new to the world is perhaps more sophisticated and doesn’t see the fun in getting ridiculously muddy. So when Millie attempted at playing with her by rolling her around in the snow a very wet and confused Lola returned with her tail between her legs, and we decided now was the best time to leave.

So Hannah and I trotted off with the best intentions of rehearsing. “For what?” I hear you cry, well rather foolishly (on my part) we decided that we were going to perform at The Little Jazz Club at the Mayflower. Hannah knew what she was going to sing, I however with two hours to go was pretty clueless, had no idea what key I was singing in nor what I was going to wear. If I was going to fail at singing I at least wanted to do it in a nice dress to appease the laughter!   However, when we got back to Hannah’s the power cut which had begun at 10 was still raging at 5 and as such we went Dickensian and sung by candlelight. Hoping like Oliver Twist did for more that the electricity board would pull up its socks and bring us back into the 21st Century before we had to do our hair!

I finally decided that I would sing “Just one of those things” and “What a little moonlight can do” because I perhaps like the fear of having a mountain to climb when performing! Hannah chose the beautiful ‘S’Wonderful’ and she sounded simply divine singing it.  By the time this had finished the lighting did re-appear and so in a mad dash we suited and booted ourselves up and whizzed ourselves to the pub.

When we got there we met the band who would accompany us for the first time. They were lovely, and ridiculously talented, I only hope that one day I would be able to reel of any song on the piano when asked if I know it. Once we had worked out our keys and had some pineapple juice we waited in anticipation and nausea until our names were called. We were also joined here by our other immensely talented friend Serena who was also going to sing a couple of songs as well. To make the night more torturous it was revealed that we would have to wait until after the first half of the quiz to perform! It was a horrid predicament and as such we had a n impromptu rehearsal in the toilet before we went on. The result of this sounded a bit like the part in West Side Story during the Tonight/The Rumble medley…Only with less angst and more stuttering (on my part) and knocking knees! We returned to our sets at the bar and each hoped that we would be the one with the short straw in having to perform first. Of course as luck would have it, that was my fate and for the next 5 minutes I rung my hands as though I were Lady Macbeth…Only I had a nice dress and hadn’t killed anyone. But who knows perhaps Lady M did have a part time job as a jazz singer, she had to get her kicks somewhere! I felt it went awfully wrong. I suffer from horrendous stage fright and so nothing could pull me out from that cave. However, the band were incredible and gave me lots of encouraging looks and smiles. So perhaps something was going right?

Hannah and Serena sung after and sounded beautiful! They are such confident performers that I hope I will be able to take a leaf out of their book in the future.


For now I am going to leave it here. I have to get ready for a day in London, which I will discuss in part two!

Have a lovely day!


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