A thought a day…Craig David

10 Feb

Today I have learnt a few things ….

Firstly, I have lovely customers. This is not something that is surprising to me. I knew they were lovely already, but today I saw that they were extra special when two separate customers brought me presents. One was a lovely wicker duck with a hat, which held on it’s back a plentiful amount of chocolate, including a blooming kinder egg of all things. This was soon gobbled!

The second present was a lovely set of stencils for cake and drink decorating from the lovely Ros of Rosmademe, plus some very early easter decorations! Thank you you lovely people!

Secondly, I learnt that in my early teens I subconsciously learnt all of the lyrics to Craig David’s ‘Seven Days’. I found this out when I was in the shower, which made me feel as though I was in some kind of american teen movie. A bit like the opening of 10 Things I Hate about You or Clueless where there is usually some set of girls singing along to something rather inappropriate for the time of day. However this appeased me, because it set back into motion my desire to live in the 90’s, have an inflatable back pack and marry Joseph Gordon-Levitt (something that I strongly believe will happen eventually….sorry Sully)

The third thing I have learnt today has been from my Nanna. It wasn’t a wise learning but it was profound. Mid-dinner she decided to announce her love for the BBC drama Hustle. She loves it, perhaps more than she loves church walks, apparently its a very “silly” programme. Something which the BBC will genuinely value as feedback I’m sure.

Now as it is a Friday evening, lets all dream a while that we are married to out 90’s heartthrobs, that we live in Los Angeles and that everything is “Rad” and “Sweet”.


One Response to “A thought a day…Craig David”

  1. RosMadeMe February 11, 2012 at 8:35 am #

    Be afraid, be very afraid, I had an inflatable back pack… just hope that it went to the charity shop *WEG*

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